CPERSIA (Carpet of Persia) is the largest e-commerce store for hand-knotted carpets in Iran and the leading company in its sector. It is the first specialty startup in e-marketing and online sales of Persian hand-knotted carpet, operating since 2016 by launching the online CPERSIA store (www.cpersia.com). The company was established through cooperation and experience of its two co-founders, one with a family background of five generations in production and trade of hand-knotted rugs and the other with a background in launching online sales solutions and information technology. Defining CPERSIA as a comprehensive solution for sales of Persian hand-knotted rugs online means that CPERSIA has not restricted its scope of function to marketing and selling its own products; rather, it supplies diverse products in cooperation with a network of suppliers including accredited merchants and producers across Iran. CPERSIA is not just an online store; it seeks to take advantage of all new opportunities and facilities for introducing, marketing and selling hand-knotted rugs all over the cyberspace. Accordingly, in addition to the CPERSIA website, the company has launched a mobile app with extensive activities in domestic and foreign marketplaces and social media. Buying from CPERSIA is easy, enjoyable and secure. Some of the major properties of CPERSIA are as follows:
• A specialty store for selling hand-knotted rugs;
• A high variety of hand-knotted rugs from different regions of Iran;
• A smartphone app for easy access;
• Augmented reality app for placing carpets virtually;
• Accurate photos and content for better decision-making;
• Opportunity to shop in IRR, Euro and cryptocurrency
• Free shipping across Iran and shipping at lowest cost across the world;
• A 7 day return policy.

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